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What our peers and clients say about us:

"Working with John Bailey was a fantastic experience on my feature 'The Rag Witch.' He is always enthusiastic, always smiling, and a great person to have on set! John managed to constantly be on top of the work he needed to do, but most importantly, was able to stay one step ahead of what any scene required, making him highly efficient, and able to move fast! John never hesitated to give his advice or views on a scene, and for our DOP, this also proved extremely useful! I would not think twice about working with John again!"
Nikit Doshi

"Working on our last feature was like most shoots - the days were long and the conditions were far from ideal. Yet John (Gaffer) on got on with it and did what needed to be done to ensure a well lit film and always with a smile on his face raising the morale of those around him. The team from HCP Film are hard working and reliable, and I look forward to working them them again."
Loren Johnson - Atomic Light Pictures Pty Ltd

"John Bailey worked on my feature film “Demons” as my gaffer. John as a good eye for detail and is able to pick up so
much that you just don’t notice and this worked a lot with how he set up lighting. John is very efficient and as a lot of expertise and it does show in every shot of the film. I am currently working again with John and Herding Cat’s Productions (HCP) for my future project “Full Circle”.

I used HCP film equipment on my project “Demons” the equipment was always delivered too set on time. It is very efficient equipment and top of the line; it, and the HCP crew helped me a lot in my film and made it look very professional. The prices were extremely reasonable and service was brilliant. I would recommend the services and equipment of HCP too anyone and everyone. Thank you John"
Blake Prosser - Independent FilmMaker

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