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Script Services

Our script services have a well deserved reputation. Alan Malcolm, Senior Creative, is a gifted playwright, author and scriptwriter.
We can write a script from your basic idea, amplify a short to a feature film, ghost write a complete show.
Alan is a full professional member of the Australian Writers Guild, The Australian Film Institute and has a wealth of judging and editing experience to bring to bear on your script.

Alan's eclectic mind enables him to research and gather information to use in books, scripts and performance pieces.
He has three commissioned scripts in production  and pre production by various independent producers  so far in 2011. The themes vary from an all action shoot em up with a twist to a thoughtful and sobering look at the future of Australia if we carry on our path to unrestrained greed.

Current projects include a Web Channel Chat Show, a Comedy Web Series, A full Documentary for a major Mining project and final draft of a commissioned Feature.

Alan has several technical manuals published, specialising in the mining and construction industry, and he has written two novels under pseudonyms.

Whatever your project you can be sure that your script or idea will treated carefully, confidentially and respectfully.
The cost of commissioning a project is reasonable, HCP charge the Australian Writers Guild recommended scale.
Talk to us today or email us using the contact tab for your individual quotation.

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